peter kiss
Born in former Czechoslovakia in 1964.

A provocateur and a anti-government element since age of four, Peter found art to be just as powerful vehicle for his inquisitive mind and rebellious ideas as a pen. Hunted by the communist totalitarian regime, Kiss became a political refugee in 1986 and subsequently defected to USA.  
Peter's work is well represented around the country primarily in private collections. His exclusive clientele includes many professional athletes and modern art collectors from all accross North America and Europe.

In June 2005 Peter has been invited to be one of a handful of establishing artists to West 6th Gallery in Leadville, Colorado, curated by prestigious PbArts Authority. 

Peter has also given back to the community by supporting many charities and worthy causes. Africaid, Gonzo Foundation in Aspen, Taos Midwifery Birthing Center, Child Rite of Taos, Holy Cross Hospital, KDNK Community Radio and others has successfully benefited from Peter's donations of his original work.

After many career incarnations Peter and his Family now live, work and create in Denver, Colorado.


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