perspective of reality
brought to canvas by combining several different techniques, mediums and applications.
The outcome creates an abstract, yet recognizable landscapes that compliment modern interior with a blend of color, texture and feeling of adventure and playfulness.

For years i've been realizing my creative energies in many different media - from personal surroundings, photography, sculpture, journalism, furniture making, to commercially successful projects and commissions.

My canvases are a multifaceted reflection of collected moments, memories and fragments, that we tend to pass by on our everyday commute through life. The images are fused together in mixing/remixing & editing of those mental snapshots in a interactive way, resulting in a visually layered journey that is, in fact, very structured.

Many canvases sport physical mementos and different found objects collected on my journeys and travels around the world, dotting the visual landscape with whimsical mile markers.

Art is
a very strange thing.
And activity. Well, it's life.
We create it, we crave it and we live in it.

As a kid,  i used to be afraid when people would bring art to our house.
Or bring me to the art. Art was dangerous. I saw the possibilities of art, but more often i experienced the misuse of its power for political and dogmatic purposes. (You got to understand that i grew up in a country that was hijacked, and its people were held hostage for over 40 years, by bunch of communist thugs.) Truly innocent and spontaneous expression was driven underground. Independent thinking was hunted and publicly slaughtered. There was a lot of art produced for the propaganda machine. Yes, even that is art, if a person believes in the dogma. We all know very well about the eye of a beholder...

I grew up catchin' glimpses of great creativity and of lofty purpose - so i never lost hope for better days. Thanx to many talented and brave people, i was exposed to some obscure studios filled with awesome eye&soul candy. There were paintings and sculptures, there were packed little theaters, all filled with potential enemies of the state, who were the creators of all that marvel. And everybody was afraid. Of each other and of the art they were creating.

Years have passed and the whole world has changed more than we'd ever imagined. We don't have to live as hostages anymore. Anywhere. Knowledge is power and human mind can't be stopped.
I'm not afraid anymore.
Art is still dangerous.
Art is life.
Enjoy it!


copyright ©1999-2011 peter kiss all rights reserved